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A celebration indeed. I love the way the shadows expand the dance around the room without blotting out the costume or the imagined dancer. It is so good to find such powerful work without the need for flash of colour to announce the dynamic nature of this work. The line texture and shadow of this exhibition spoke to and engaged this viewer who will not have the possibilty of walking round the gallery in person.

Thank you for sharing.

Do you accept payment through Paypal and do you ship internationally?

Julia Barton

Glad you got the feel and intent of the show so well from the photographs. Your comment has made me realise I should ask the musician Katie Doherty if I can put a sound clip on the blog to add another dimension.

I do accept Paypal and will ship internationally.

Cathy Wilson

Oh yes! A sound clip would be lovely. The commenter Daisy, above, has perfectly described the interplay between shadow and sculpture. A delight.

Carole Drake

It looks a beautifully realised show, sharp and clear. I'm sorry not to be able to see it, and agree with the above that a sound clip would add a useful further dimension, especially for those unable to attend in person. Love the way it's lit and the markings on the floor, the costumes on the steel frames 'draw' themselves onto the walls very effectively, almost charcoal-like and smudgy.Delicious!
well done to all those involved and Julia especially.

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